Yellow Fever Tree

The tree pictured above is known as the Yellow Fever Tree, or just Fever Tree for short.  Legend has it that this tree was so named, because areas that had these trees also seemed to have problems with Malaria and Yellow Fever.  Many people actually believed that this tree caused the fever.  Many years later when it was discovered that these sicknesses are transmitted by mosquitos, it became obvious why this tree was wrongfully accused.  This is a water loving tree and is most often found near lakes and rivers, which happens to be the breeding grounds for mosquitos.  The Fever Tree falls into the acacia family of trees which actually includes hundreds of species.  You may be familiar with acacia from your study of the Bible as this was the type of wood used to build the ark of the covenant and parts of the tabernacle, though I doubt that the Fever tree was the species used for this.  Acacia makes great firewood, building materials, and shade, and it happens to be the giraffe’s favorite food.  Though the branches normally have long thorns, giraffes are able to extract the leaves from around the thorns using only their tongues.