Walking Palm

You’re going to love this one… This is pandanus kirkii, or locally known as the Walking Palm.  You did read that correctly.  This tree actually walks.  These are common on the coast of Kenya and we found several growing in the yard of the house where we stayed.  This tree has no trunk in the ground, and as you can see is suspended entirely by its roots.  As time goes on, new roots will extend to the ground and old roots will die, and thus the tree slowly changes its location.  Notice it is moving into the driveway!!!


2 thoughts on “Walking Palm

  1. The myth is that these trees move around (with some speed) to find sunlight. That is not what I am saying in this article. The tree obviously has no mind of its own… no will or direction. But I have found these trees in numerous places where it was obvious that the tree had moved… not much, but certainly more than a stately oak. The reason I chose the photo above was that it demonstrates this movement.

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