Pepper Tree

The amazing tree pictured below is a pepper tree.  This tree is not indigenous to Kenya, but was brought here by early European settlers and is now found all over east Africa.  This is the tree which produces peppercorns which when dried and ground become that stuff called pepper that sits next to the salt on your dinner table (no relation to chili peppers).  If the peppercorns are picked fresh off the tree and eaten, they have the same “hot” taste, but the hot is mixed with a sweet flavor as well.  The tree pictured below is one of the favorite climbing trees for the younger kids on campus, as you can imagine.

Pepper Tree

2 thoughts on “Pepper Tree

  1. I used to play “Tree He” in Kenya with my sister and African friends in two Pepper trees. They were wonderful to climb and beautiful as well. Our game stated that the person who was “he” stay at the bottom of the tree whilst the other players climbed to a stratigis spot in the enormous tree. When the climbers were ready they shouted, “Ready!” and “he” would start to get to one of them and just pat them to make them “he”. The climbers objective was to get down before this happened and t was amazing how many got down swiftly and like lightening, swivelling down the tree and making its trunk shine. Cynthia

  2. Sounds like a fun game. Kids are always in the tree pictured above, but I am unaware of any games they play in it. As for me, I love to pick the peppercorns when they are red and chew on them. They are both peppery and sweet at the same time.

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