Leleshwa Tree

This is the Leleshwa Tree as known in the Masai language, though it rarely attains a great height and is more like a large shrub.  It is very common throughout Africa in Savannah landscapes and is used by the Masai as deodorant.  They will take the leaves and shove them into their armpits, and as they sweat, the leaves give off a very fragrant odor.  The Masai also use this tree for fuel and the limbs make a good structure for building their mud huts.  This tree is also known as the Camphor Tree.

Leleshwa Tree

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  1. Several years ago when my wife and I were serving in the Peace Corps in Kenya we were given a salt and pepper cellar carved from the leleshwa tree. It is one of a few cherished items from Africa and often admired by visitors to our home. Do you have any information as to how we could acquire additional ones?

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