Water Scorpion

Sometimes in Africa, there is a creature that lives in your area, but you would never know it until suddenly one day they show up seemingly out of nowhere, with the purpose of causing much grief to those who aren’t very fond of bugs.  The one pictured below is just such a creature.  This is the water scorpion.  Don’t let the name fool you, though, as they are really quite harmless.  They just happen to be 3 inches long, and look like they belong in a B-rate sci-fi movie, “Attack of the Killer Water Scorpions”.  This is a fascinating bug.  It lives mostly in water, but will sometimes come out at night and hang around porch lights to catch and eat other insects that like to collect there.  When in water it will swim just under the surface, extend a long tube out of its rear end just above the surface of the water, and breathe through it.  The tube is partially out in the picture, but can extend several inches if needed.  Not long after I caught this one, some fifth grade boys came around and begged me to let them take it and scare the fifth grade girls with it.  How could I say no?  That’s what God created bugs for isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “Water Scorpion

  1. i am tourist in Tanzania, Africa, and I found like this in the picture in a bucket of water, I am worried if how dangerous it is?

  2. I found a water scripion on the hotel porch an it was pinching a cat an attacking an it was attacking my shoe but thank you.

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