Black Mamba

You are looking at the most venomous snake in the world.  This is a Black Mamba.  These snakes are very fast (up to 12 m/hr making it the fastest land snake in the world), very aggressive, very easily agitated, very large, and can strike ¾ of its body length.  They can grow up to 4 meters long (12.5 feet) and can strike 3 meters (9 feet).  If you are bitten, you have about 10 minutes to inject the anti-venom since 10-15 milligrams of venom is fatal to an adult male and the snake usually delivers 50-100 milligrams per bite.  These are common in the lower elevations of Kenya, and people often call the snake rescuer that we met in order to have them removed from their homes.  Notice it really isn’t black, but rather grey.  It actually gets its name from the inside of the mouth which is jet black.  It is also said that the head is coffin shaped.  Notice it is also smiling at you.  This snake was not very happy about having its picture taken, and any fast move that I made would cause it to rear up, open its mouth and strike at the glass.


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