People commonly ask us about the animals we encounter in Kenya, so we thought it would be fun to include a page that talks about animals we have seen and photographed.  Below is a list of links that you can click to see what we see.  This list is incomplete and will continue to grow no doubt, but everything featured here is an animal that we personally encountered.  Have fun and be sure to leave comments.

  1. Von Honel Chameleon
  2. Peter’s Writhing Skink
  3. Random Caterpiller
  4. Boomslang
  5. Mousebird
  6. Locust
  7. Eastern Black-and-White Colobus Monkey
  8. Flying Ants (male Termites)
  9. Baboon Spider (tarantula)
  10. Water Scorpion
  11. Nairobi Eye
  12. Crab (fresh water)
  13. Cheetah
  14. Siafu (Pinching Ant)
  15. Wildebeest
  16. Bongo
  17. Rhinoceros
  18. Battersby’s Green Snake
  19. Lion
  20. Ostrich
  21. Purple Slug
  22. Honey Bee
  23. Dung Beetle
  24. Cape Wolf Snake
  25. Thompson’s Gazelle
  26. Black Mamba

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