About RVA

Rift Valley Academy is a school for missionary kids located in Kijabe, Kenya.  It exists because missionaries in the early 1900s saw a need to focus on the education of missionary kids which up until that time had largely been neglected.  Existing for over 100 years, RVA is the largest Christian, American curriculum school in Africa with nearly 500 students belonging to over 30 nationalities whose parents serve in over 20 African countries.

Here are a few things that we have heard since coming to work at RVA:

  1. “If RVA did not exist I could not do the work that God has called me to do.” – a visiting parent.
  2. “One of the number one reasons for choosing one mission field over another is what options exist for child education.  RVA adds a vital option to those working in Africa” – Tim Cook, former superintendant

There is much more that could be said.  If interested please visit RVA’s website at www.rva.org.

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