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We strongly believe that God has called us to ministry at Rift Valley Academy and we strongly feel that this school has been and will continue to be an important part of great commission work in Africa.

Jesus said, “Go into all the world and make disciples of every nation…” We know this verse as the Great Commission, but often have some misconceptions about Jesus command.  The word translated “nation” does not mean country.  Its greek root is ethnos, which is where we get our word ethnic.  Christ’s command is to take the gospel to every ethnic group on earth.  Whose job is this?  We work in Africa.  There are over 3700 ethic groups identified in Africa alone, of these nearly 1000 are considered least reached or unreached which means that they have no indigenous local churches.  Over 300 of these are considered unengaged, which means there is currently no church planting efforts among them, and over 100 of these ethnic group have zero known believers.  Who will take the gospel to them?  Perhaps God will call some of you.

I strongly believe that Christ’s command is for you and for me and for all who name the name of Christ, but He has not called us all in the same way.  I was not called to go to the unreached, but I have been called.  I was not called to plant churches, but I have been called.

Rift Valley Academy is located in Kenya and is a boarding school for missionary kids.  We currently represent somewhere around 88 mission boards sending missionaries to 21 countries in Africa from 34 different countries around the world.  My specific assignment is the IT manager for the school.  That means that I am responsible for all of the computers on campus.  We currently run 4 computer labs which are all networked together along with around 100 office machines, numerous servers and applications, internet and email, etc.  Over the last few years I have been involved with projects including a complete upgrade of our network, installing DSL internet connection to all the homes on campus, installing wireless all over campus, and most recently we have begun a program to put a laptop into the hands of every high school student.  Technology is an important piece of RVA.  It allows students to be a part of the 21st century and keeps them from being lost when they return to life in their passport countries.  It also allows them to communicate with their parents very easily at no cost.

Meredith is a science teacher and is currently teaching Life science for seventh grade and Chemistry for tenth grade.  She has also taught Biology and Physical Science and is preparing to teach AP Chemistry as well as tutoring in many subjects.  She really connects with the students and so she actually ends up helping them in many subjects such as Spanish, because they enjoy her style and like spending time with her.

These are our assigned tasked, but we have found opportunities to minister in ways we never imagined.  Both Meredith and I have become close to several students and have had the opportunity to share our lives with them and help them through difficult times.

We were not called to be church planters, Bible translators, doctors, farmers, or any of the other myriad gifts that God is using to send his workers to the unreached, but we have been called to serve the ones who are going to the unreached by doing everything we can to educate and give spiritual light to their children, and thus we take part in the many ministries going on around Africa.

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  1. Thanks for the coffee and tea samples from Kenya….Can’t wait to try! Prayers always……..

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