The Start of a Fresh New Year

The beginning of a new school year can be very busy and comes with many new faces and names to learn.  David spent a good amount of time with new students (there are around 72 new students this year) to help them get up to speed on technology at RVA.  Pictured below is a group of new high school students receiving school laptops and getting everything setup.

Meredith meanwhile got to know new students and their parents while giving them tours of campus and helping them to feel at home.  She has since settled into her classes of Earth Science and Life Science, once again braving the travails of teaching Junior High. (It’s an adventure with something new every day! – Meredith) She is also heading up her department this term while another missionary is on home assignment.

Last year David started “Chess in the Park” Chess Club which has turned out to be a very popular distraction on Thursdays.

You all may remember that last December we sent a prayer request for the school as there had been a situation that had rocked our student body.  A cyber-bullying incident occurred that caught the administration off guard when it blew up on social media.  I would like to report that this incident has resulted in our school putting some very important things in place to help keep these things from happening or to deal with them when they do.  I really believe God has been at work to bring good resolution to this, so thank you very much for praying. Please continue to pray as the school has a lot of work to do to keep up with protecting the students.

We had a very tiring year last year and felt somewhat burned out by the end…probably a lame excuse for not writing more frequently, but this July/August was very restorative to us, as we got to spend some really valuable family down time at the coast and David had the chance to get away to Mt. Kenya.  In many ways we feel refreshed and ready for this school year.  Again thanks for your prayers, even when not knowing what specifically to pray for.

Please pray:

  1. Elizabeth begins flight training at Missionaire this month.  Pray for her transition into this new realm.
  2. Abby is into her busiest year at The Kings College so far, so pray that she would be able to keep up with the load.
  3. Karissa is beginning her college applications.
  4. Pray for us as we continue to try to be influencers and mentors in the lives of the students that we have relationships with.

Your Missionaries,

Pushing onward in our quest to make RVA a better place so that Christ centered churches can be planted among all African peoples,

David and Meredith Tilly


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