Cutting up animals and walking for miles

Sometimes I think that Meredith is Miss Frizzle in disguise.  Well, maybe she doesn’t drive a school bus that can morph into different things, but she certainly has the inspiring excitement that makes her science classes fun.  And what could be more fun than dissecting frogs?  As all of you teachers out there know, it’s one thing to just give out information, but it’s another thing to teach while developing relationships with the kids that you teach, and Meredith is very good at both.  I hope you can see that in these pictures.

Guts make boys smile

Science is fun

This last month David had the wonderful opportunity to go backpacking with a few high schoolers, and all agreed that it was so much fun that they are now planning a six day backpacking trip in August through the African bush.  The trip took them to one of the few rivers that plunge into the Rift Valley as well as to the top of one of its many volcanic domes.

Camping in “the waterfall ravine”

The Great Rift Valley from the top of Kijabe Hill.

A little news from our family… Elizabeth graduates from University of the South next weekend, and we will be in the USA to attend.  She will be working at a summer camp this summer and then will being her training at MissionAire.  Abby has finished her Sophomore year at The Kings College and is staying in NYC for the summer.  We will also be able to spend some time with her next week.  It is so exciting to be able to see our girls.

Please Pray:

  • Praise the Lord for opening up the doors of opportunity for work this summer.  May He continue to guide them throughout their lives.
  • Pray for our safety as we travel to the USA this week.  We will fly into Newark, spend time in NYC, drive to TN attend grad and spend a few days, drive back to Newark, and fly away.
  • Continue to pray for RVA.  This is a great place and God is at work.  Praise the Lord.

Your Missionaries,

Cutting up animals and walking for miles so that Christ centered churches can be planted among all African peoples,

David and Meredith Tilly

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