Big Events With Students

Though tiring for our older selves, it is always fun to go through events that afford us the chance to spend quality time with students.  This term has been such a term, so we thought you might enjoy hearing about two such events.

Each year, the eighth grade takes a weekend camping trip to Mt. Suswa, which is a very interesting dormant volcano that sits in the middle of the Rift Valley.  This mountain has suffered two large magma chamber collapses resulting in a double crater some 7 miles wide.  In fact, the outer crater is so large that there is a Masai community that lives inside of it, and since there are no lakes, streams, or rivers, the residents get water by capturing and condensing steam that naturally seeps from the ground all over the place.  One of the most amazing features is a series of 30 some-odd lava tube caves on the east side of the mountain.  Meredith was the designated staff member to plan this trip and go with the kids and even though she isn’t crazy about camping, she did have a great time being with the kids

Dinner on the mountain



Entering one of the lava caves with a local Masai guide.

The campsite from the trail which leads to the peak.

During and after the Suswa trip, for the last couple of weeks we have pretty much lived with the Junior class, whom we sponsor.  We had the incredible task of turning a building into a banquet hall for the  Junior/Senior banquet.  This is an annual event put on by the Juniors in which a theme is chosen, plans are drawn up and nailed down, parents are invited in to help, and an entire weekend is spent creating set, cooking food, training servers, and the like.  Finally on the night of the event, everyone dresses up formally and we enjoy a night of great food and drama in an elegant setting.  Meredith was in charge of the entertainment (music and drama) and David was in charge of the set, we got the chance to work very closely with a huge number of students, many of which we did not formerly know very well.  Our theme was “The Polar Express”.

The Tillys, plus Karissa’s date at banquet.

The banquet hall, complete with train (the cars were used as stages in the drama) and tables ready for guests

The spiral mountain in 3D. This feature was supervised by Karissa.

The second acting stage and performance stage.

Just for perspective, this is the same spot in the room where the train sat… before we built it.

For some 360 degree panoramas, see David’s Facebook page.

Please pray:

  1. Praise – we have had quite a bit of car trouble lately and Meredith even became stranded in Nairobi when the car’s wheel mount broke, but God has kept us safe and even provided additional funds recently which has helped us pay for our car’s imminent resurrection.
  2. Continue to pray for our school.  Many have asked about the difficult situations that our administration has faced, and I want to say that they are making progress, but continue to need prayer.  In general, we are dealing with some deep bullying issues from within our student body, and have had to come to terms with the fact that the internet has become a new forum through which to carry out attacks.
  3. Pray for our children.  Elizabeth graduates from University of the South this spring and will go on to study with Missionarie in an effort to become a missionary pilot.  Abby is still trying to nail down her summer plans, and continues to need work.  Karissa will be entering her last year of high school and will need to learn how to end well.

Your missionaries,

Organizing camping trips and planning big events with students so that Christ centered churches can be planted among all African peoples,

David and Meredith Tilly

Elizabeth, Abby, and Karissa

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