Run-On Sentances

We have great news to announce…we have officially been cleared to return to Kenya on August 1!!!  This is a huge prayer of praise and it also initiates a whirlwind of activity to get ready.  To sum up:  quit job at UPS, build a storage shed, begin sorting through stuff, throw away stuff, return borrowed stuff, store stuff that escaped the garbage, pack stuff needed in Kenya, travel to a few colleges for Karissa to begin the investigation process, get Abby settled in the America that will exist without us, travel to see a few more people, and sell a car.  And just as that felt like a run on sentence, so our lives have felt pretty non-stop on this furlough.  In fact I want to share a few things that we have learned on this furlough.

  • We have never had an easy or very restful furlough.  It seems like there are always so many things to get done in the short time back that life becomes non-stop.  Maybe that’s OK though.  It is certainly better than boredom.  In addition, we have always had challenges to overcome.  This time around it was selling our house.
  • God has been faithful in meeting our needs once again.  Support always changes a bit on furlough.  Some are unable to continue giving and furlough is a really good time to change, but this is also the time when God supplies us with new partners.
  • We really like apartment living.  No hassle, just pay your rent.  Oh, and there are always lots of neighbors to get to know.  That can be a blessing or a curse, but in our setting, all neighbors have been pleasant.
  • People and relationships are the most important thing.  It actually makes me sad that we haven’t been able to get around and see everyone that we wanted to, but it has been a blessing to reconnect with many.

Here are a few moments spent in the last month:

Getaway date to Natchez, MS

Camping, caving, skydiving adventure with Elizabeth (canoeing adventure with Abby is coming soon, but since that is in the future, I have no pictures)

Baby shower for Steven and Rhonda

Baseball…why not?

Please pray:

  1. We do still lack about $450 per month in funding.  Please be in prayer that this need will be met.
  2. Pray for Abby as she returns to NYC this semester and considers a transfer for the following year.
  3. Pray for our transition back to life at RVA.  Pray that it would go smoothly and that we will have an impact on the lives of the kids that we minister to.

Your missionaries,

Living the life of a run-on sentence so that Christ centered churches can be planted among all African peoples,

David and Meredith Tilly
Elizabeth, Abby, and Karissa

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