Becoming Homeless

We want to begin this letter with an item of praise.  Many of you have followed the saga of us and our house on Monterey Road in Florence for the last few years.  In short, we have found it difficult and stressful to maintain renters and pay the mortgage, so we finally decided to sell.  That took many twists and turns and a few years, but we are happy to say that the deed (pun intended) is done and we have finally closed.  That being said, we really are sad at the same time to see it go.  We loved that place.  I keep having to think about Matthew 19:29 and the life to which we have been called.

We are excited that school is finishing up for our girls and our family of five is finally about to be reunited.  Abby returned from NYC yesterday and Elizabeth will return next week.

Please be in prayer about our support level.  We have continued to get new support pledges and are currently at 89%, lacking about $700 / month in order to close that final gap.  Please be in prayer with us about this.  We current have only one more church that we are scheduled to speak at this year.

Please be in prayer:

  1. Praise the Lord for the sale of our house
  2. Pray that our additional support would come in before August.

Your Missionaries,

Becoming homeless so that Christ centered churches can be planted among all African peoples,

David and Meredith Tilly
Elizabeth, Abby and Karissa

2 thoughts on “Becoming Homeless

  1. We pray that all is well. We are currently talking to our Wednesday
    Night class about missionaries, since this is Mission Month at Victory! Would you kindly send a short video to our class (preteen and under) of your journey or some aspect of what you both are doing there? We would greatly appreciate your attention.
    Jr and Heather

  2. Heather,

    Sorry I didn’t notice this comment until now. In our latest post, I have a link to a video.

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