Losing at Chess

Dear Friends, Family and Supports,

Over the past month we have been on the road quite a bit.  We had a great trip to Mt. Ida CM Church in Westville, FL early in January and were able to reconnect with many that we have met before.

This past week we traveled to St. Petersburg, FL where Meredith grew up and visited with family and friends and were also able to speak at Grace Bible Church.  On the way down we stopped at the University of Florida and ate lunch with Cal, an RVA grad of the class of 2016, and an avid chess player.  Unfortunately he managed to pull off a victory against David thus making him the leader in an ongoing battle.  That having been said, it is really a joy for us to be able to maintain relationships with former RVA students.

Fun time with Cal at UF

Please Pray:

  1. PRAISE GOD!!! Abby has gotten a job at Barnes and Noble and they are happy to work her around her college schedule.  Pray for her as she decides on what to do this summer.
  2. Pray for Elizabeth as she continues to consider what to do for a summer job and life after college next year.
  3. Pray for us as we continue to raise funds. We still need about $1000 in monthly support in order to be fully supported.

Your Missionaries,
Suffering defeat at chess so that Christ centered churches can be planted among all African peoples,

David and Meredith Tilly
Elizabeth, Abby, and Karissa

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