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We are the Tillys… David, Meredith, Elizabeth, Abby and Karissa.  In 2005 we left our home in Mississippi to fly halfway around the world and take up residence in Kijabe, Kenya.  We are serving as missionaries with Africa Inland Mission at Rift Valley Academy, a boarding school for missionary kids.  David is the IT Manager at the school and Meredith teaches science in Junior high and high school.


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  1. Praying for your families and those to whom you minister. Thanks for your service in the Lord.

  2. David & Meredith, you are much in my prayers. I could not get into my email last night at home. How are things going since the floods & mudslides. Love, Mom

  3. Not many people do things in life that truly make a difference in the world, your family can honestly say that you all have. Very impressed with your life’s work!

  4. Kevin, Thanks for the compliments. We truly appreciate your words of affirmation. Though we are in a cross cultural adventure, anyone in any place can make a difference, so I hope we are not seen as better than others. Whether or not you see us this way, I should say that we are keenly aware of our own weaknesses, failures, and limitations and don’t wish to be on a pedestal, though unfortunately it often comes with this job (not that you have put us there). You can make as much difference as you want… Bloom where you are planted, as the old adage goes.

  5. Dear David and Tilly!
    I feel very much blessed to meet you and your work online. Surely God has a special purpose for you in this Land. I am Mr. Nyandwaro from Kenya. I love to be with other people and my family all the time. This has taught me and my friends to have a desire of learning and knowing more about Christ. When I was navigating and searching for friends I found your church and was moved, touched with the message on the home page. Through this I am interested to be friends with you. Please my prayers are with you. Also pray for my family and friends as well so God can help them know Christ and make him known.
    Yours freind in Christ,

  6. Praising the Lord that you will soon be back to RVA. So glad your house was sold during this time. I read through the Heartbeat Africa publication recently and was blessed and encouraged to see all that AIM is doing, and especially to see a picture of two of your students, Meghan and Liam Stough, who recently graduated from RVA.
    God bless as you say goodbye to your kids to do the work He has called you to. I remember so well your time at Bryan and tea and games at my house. Wonderful memories.

  7. Families of missionaries, home and abroad, are impacted in ways no one else can understand. Thanks for technology keeping us updated. I was home from church yesterday and saw on the Ankerberg show the millions of people have never heard of salvation through Christ but now through some new technology can be reached. So Amazing. And I was complaining about a lost hearing aid. I’m so self centered while being sooo blessed.

    Thank you again for your ministry at RVA.

    I remember the good times when you were at Bryan, peach tea, your engagement and wedding.

    John and family live in my neighborhood. I am blessed. Their kids, Nathaniel and Allyssa are homeschooled. Nathaniel does some of his work at my house. How great is that!!!

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